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  • 2014 (64) Volvo Plaxton B8R Leopard EURO 6
  • 2014 (64) Volvo Plaxton B8R Leopard EURO 6
  • 2014 (64) Volvo Plaxton B8R Leopard EURO 6
  • 2014 (64) Volvo Plaxton B8R Leopard EURO 6
  • 2014 (64) Volvo Plaxton B8R Leopard EURO 6
  • 2014 (64) Volvo Plaxton B8R Leopard EURO 6

Body Make: Plaxton
Chassis Make: Volvo
Transmission: i-Shift
Axles: 2
Length (M): 12.80M
Seats: 57
Toilet: None
Euro Level: Euro 6
LEZ Compliant: Yes
CCTV & Reverse Camera
Seat Belts: 3 Point
57 Recliners with Grab Handles.
Courier Seat
Air Conditioning
Tinted Double Glazed Windows + Curtains
Rear Emergency Door
CD Radio PA
Mot 23/07/2020
Can be upseated to 70 seats for £8000.00

In Volvo’s new Euro 6 chassis line up, the B8R replace the B7R, B9R, Euro5 B11R and the B13R. Initially at least, the B8R is only being offered in conjunction with Plaxton bodywork, Jonckheere and Sunsundegui having switched from B9R to B11R with the latter not currently offering a replacement for the B7R based Sideral. Plaxton will also offer various versions of the Panther and Elite on two and three axle B11Rs.

Mechanically similar, apart from the engine, to the B9R that preceded it, the B8R is powered by the new generation D8K engine. This is a six-cylinder, in-line unit with common rail injection. It has a capacity of 7.7-litres and is offered with outputs of 280hp (206kW), 320hp (235kW) and 350hp (258kW) although all UK B8R coaches including our test coach will have the 350hp unit. The 280hp engine, developing torque of 1,050Nm at 950-1,700rpm, will be standard in the B8RLE bus which replaces the current B7RLE. The 350hp is produced at 2,100-2,200rpm while peak torque of 1,400Nm is developed in the 1,200-1,600rpm band.

It has a hydraulic fan drive and to cut down on noise and vibration it has hydraulic vibration dampers on the crankshaft and camshaft. New heavy duty alternators are capable of withstanding higher temperatures thereby extending service life. The timing mechanism drives the power steering pump, oil pump, air compressor and fuel supply pump. Oil renewal intervals of up to every 100,000km are possible using VDS4 oil, the total oil capacity being 26.5-litres including that in the full flow filter. There is also a closed crankcase ventilation version offered optionally.

The 7.7-litre Volvo D8K Euro 6 engine used in the B8R delivers 350bhp in UK coaching applications and is much smoother and quieter than the current B9R unit

To meet Euro6 engine emission levels, Volvo has equipped the D8K with SCR (selective catalytic reduction), EGR (exhaust gas recirculation), a DPF (diesel particulate filter) and a DOC (diesel oxidisation catalyst). All of these after treatment systems are integrated within a single muffler/silencer unit located at the offside rear.

Chassis / Make Model: Volvo
Body / Make Model: Plaxton
Engine: 7.7-litre Volvo D8K Euro 6 engine
Gearbox: Auto I-shift
Seating Capacity: 57
Tyres Included: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes
Livery: White
Date of Registration: 01/09/2014
Mileage: 101618km
MOT Expiry: 23/07/2020
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